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Hi. I'm currently doing a course in creative writing, so any criticism is greatly appriciated! And it goes without saying that I hope you enjoy these...Thanks, Lily.

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Death Of A Soul Mate; Death Of The Girl

Her hero's gone away,
Will he come back another day?
She could not say.

Everyones Happy

So this is how it ends,
You're happy,
I'm happy,
He's happy,

Just A Thought

My last few poems have been pretty dull,
All this self pity,
Quite unlike me,
It's not all bad,

And If I Knew?

If I knew all the answers
To every question you'd ever asked, thought or imagined,
Would it change how things are now?
If I could stop time, speed it up or slow it down


I miss you so much,
As if we were fresh young lovers.
Who would guess we've got nearly two years of history behind us,
That we're not actually together.

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Mary Nagy 01 June 2005

Yes, you are a poet, and a very good one. sincerely, Mary

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