Just Like Yesterday Poem by The Pundit

Just Like Yesterday

Rating: 5.0

You don’t remember jumping feet first into the sun
among the masks and gaudy grins with
the flash bulbs pop pop popping, and
you don’t remember your third grade teacher’s

name but you still wonder where that
hole in the lavender fence went to, and
then came the mind’s whirly wind hurricane of
dogs, cats, baseball fields with no grass,

trees who were wide receivers, bikes, and
of course the awkward dances you loathed, but you
still longed to touch Lee Ann’s hand again,
the smell of perfect powder and daisies

lifts you into fast cars and tall boys lying in wet
grass blowing marijuana smoke rings
through giggling trees without mouths
and then you’re clinging on to a ladder with the

sweet sea coming up to mist your fair
toothy face, and the beach with Mates,
and it seems like yesterday then you were driving
that Ford Taurus smoking pot having bills to

pay, hawking cheese, yogurt, and a grin,
and even in the last years when they came to challenge
you and make you chuckle, and make you
weep never missing a practice, a game, and

her, your best friend, putting together basketball
goals, cooking, watching movies, jumping
into the sun, as one, trying not to go blind.

Anthony Burkett 04 February 2014

I'm still laughing about A Christmas poesy! : -) ... and I'm still reading this for the umptenth time... every read draws a tast of fresh perspective... not unlike another toke for my imaginagion... Sweet smoke filled air.... Excellent pen! I as well tip my hat to your kind comments... Thank you for them and for this!

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Susan Lacovara 06 January 2014

What a frolicking pace, strolling back in time...thanks for letting me come along for the ride, windblown by the return to youth. A terrific piece!

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