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I poured myself
down the hallway
my hips

Glare through melted
Swiss cheese at
Giraffed Jumbos

her perky breasts were a silhouette
against cow pastures and broken
fences and her clothes hung on a

I chewed Ma's fat while the
gang checked windows for law

and saw shrubs growing out of

I lap up your lipstick.
Foaming sudsy oat

You don’t remember jumping feet first into the sun
among the masks and gaudy grins with
the flash bulbs pop pop popping, and
you don’t remember your third grade teacher’s

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A Christmas Poesy

I poured myself
down the hallway
my hips

and flanks enticingly
swaying just like a drunk
Christmas tree with

awkward ornaments
flying off in all
directions (Clattering

and Shattering)
so shards are in
the carpet. I’m a

happy Christmas
shrub spinning
without a mouth

flexing my appendages
in only my tighty-whities
singing “Levon” and

“Nowhere Man”
and other carols out
of the window

just like Scrooge did it.

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Havilah Dammette 10 November 2014

Bless you brother mustache. Be at peace with your black and white checkered tie and Johnny Depp hair.

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