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It is not with the sadness,
Nor madness,
Of Van Gogh
That I exclude myself

There it laid
what remained
of your snuffed out cigar
Just lying there...

Love the sound of lifted laughter
Love the thought of ever after
Love is love, all love is love

You were my very first friend
With sunlit yellow hair,
which directly complimented my dark mane
We were a pair, uniquely different...

I can still see their faces, in the hallways of my mind
I can still feel the traces, of the love they left behind...
As the skyline changed and the whole world was rearranged
After the towers fell, we did rise.

We didn't know better
Back then
How time would chase our dreams
Change them

You could not have been any prettier
than a snowflake in the sun
How your silver frosted glistening glint,
So caught my eye, then melted, done..

Did I forget my wrap,
draped over the winged back chair
in the room where you wrestled me
pinning me to your attention

Intermission over
Where have you been
The urgency in your voice
On nights when your missing me

I will come and find you, friend
Where you lay your troubles
Out to dry
Help you iron the wrinkles of worry

I am, that I am...
A chameleon...
Shifting between the hues
That camouflage my insecurities,

With only the crickets chatter
To keep me company,
The breaking dawn
Lets herself in

I love the fall of feather rain
But fear the thunder in the distance
I see the rise of planted grain
And hopeful it sways with resistance

Brewing over my wake up coffee
I can't help but wonder...

Does she love you with the richness

I thought I'd pick you daffodils
On this stunning yellow day
With fresh bouquet
Climb up your hill

While you're busied by the breaking day
Your stacked high schedule
To file away
In black and white

Like a moth drawn to an open flame,
I follow the glorious moon
that hangs so low tonight,
I swear I can reach up...and steal it

It startled me at first, so unexpected...
There between the yellowing pages
of a schoolgirl' s poured out poetry
a scripted note...

Let me enter lightly, into the breaking new day's promise
steady and ready to encounter the beauty
that is offered with no price tag attached...
bargain hunting for a breathtaking moment of clarity...

Just when I think your image has faded
dimmed, by the thief of time
In the most unusual of places
You show up...dressed up in yourself

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Artist Alone

It is not with the sadness,
Nor madness,
Of Van Gogh
That I exclude myself
On winter days, in February...
Neither is it with the passion
Of Mc Kuen' s loneliness
That prompts me to feed
The returning gray cat...
Surely it isn't the same
Broken hearted heaviness
That took Dali' s spirit
Makes me question why
I surrender
To the paleness
Of my room, unattached
To another's heart....
Tis merely my own poet's prison
That paints my starry starry night.

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Richard Beevor 08 May 2014

mandolin wind, susan I loved it, great work, reading more now

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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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Michael Mcparland 26 October 2014

I've not yet read a lot of your poems but what I have are wonderful and beautiful. You are truly gifted and speak from your heart and soul. :)

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Walter C. Edwards 09 June 2014

Dear Susan, just read Act two very well done, the thought of painting on the ceiling? well i guess it will keep me thinking. Thanks, Walter C. Edwards

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Richard Beevor 06 May 2014

was this a great poem......of course, case closed! Brilliant work Susan

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Please contact me 14 August 2020

Hi Susan, You used to live where I live. I have some questions if you had become sick from living there email livydog12gmail

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Kumarmani Mahakul 11 April 2020

Susan Lacovara is an outstanding and very talented poetess from New York, United States, who writes very beautiful poems full of values, perception and learning essence. She is an artist and she loves nature. She can write nice poems observing reflection of sun rays in snow. She writes poems on life, nature, society and many more. Her perseverance is very high and her personality is too. Her contribution to the world literature is notable. May God brig happiness for her!

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Rajnish Manga 29 December 2018

Susan Lacovara is poet with a noble heart. I am deeply impressed by her poetry and style. I extend my Thanks & Best Wishes for her contribution to poetry.

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Richard Weil 04 April 2018

For Poetry Month our group has selected readings about or using water as the central image. Irrigation is in the program and the reader usually includes a short biographical note about the poet. My usual sources are blank so all the audience will know is that Ms. Lacovara has a twitter account. Any suggestions appreciated.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 24 August 2017

I adore your art of writing. Susan you are perfection incarnated in every way you compose. Love your poems so much. I appreciate your skill of choosing words. Let your poetic ink never dry for us. Regards. Subhas

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