Kaitlyn Hunt - Tapped Out Maybe A Half Dozen Years Ago. Poem by matthew harris

Kaitlyn Hunt - Tapped Out Maybe A Half Dozen Years Ago.

Why the big who ha over a young woman keen
to enjoy the company of this dada if mutual consent be tween
which many in the public eye demand closeness they must wean?

tis newt "baad"
nor ram i a cad
butta this dad
gasps "egad"
and feels un glad
when a lass or lad
doth discover visa vis, the public mad
pacing back and forth within thy pad
and thus quite sad.

Natural heterosexual appeal playfully aired,
he n'er knew to lighten lee make blunt
that Kaitlyn hunt
ostracized re: suffered getting das punt
and kicked in reply to my innocent overture viz friendship stunt.

this papa fraternized with a female many years junior his age
inducing lockout from accesses sing excel lent outlook
from power pointing at how we all share the human cage
ah falls - per miss stepping
when he dialed to initiate a bona fide, i gauge
inducing me to rant n rage
within myself force eve veer punishment a wage.

Ah, that exultant emotion to express adult play
with aforementioned gal, who seemed okay
to touch, kiss n lay
and rock n roll in the hay
why the taboo against 50+ shades gray
dalliance verboten viz the social worker conflict of interest
found this buoy kept thee above named gull at bay?

Me eldest n youngest teenage girl
Would still be by loved by me if verbal hurl
Pitted their psyches, should they fancy a pearl
Bejeweled female urbanely outfitted or rural
Country gal than favoring a guy healthy n virile!

Friendship between those of same gender
Ought to be recognized versus
Demand for offspring 4ward did back to sender
But valued as precious and tender.

Kaitlyn Hunt - Tapped Out Maybe A Half Dozen Years Ago.
Sunday, October 29, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: attraction,female,infatuation
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