Kali, The Dark Goddess (In Praise Of Kali) Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Kali, The Dark Goddess (In Praise Of Kali)

Kali, the Dark Goddess
How to make the statue
Of Hers?

Kali, the Dark Goddess,
Mythical and Mystical?

Kali, Kalrupa,
Kali, Katyayani,
Kali, Kalyani.

Kali, the Dark Goddess,
The ark Hindu Goddess,
Aryan not, non-Aryan.

Kali Creational,
The Dark Side of the Creation,
Kali Grotesque, Bizarre.

Kali Mythical,
Kali Mystical,
The Myth of Life and the World.

Kali, Kali,
The Dark Goddess,
The Dark Image.

Strange the statue of hers,
She with One Leg
Placed over Shiva.

Shiva lying on the ground
And She with the Tongue
Out of the Lips.

As for having felt ashamed of,
As for trampling one Under the Feet,
She calmed.

The Deity with Four Arms
Containing traditional arms
And the conch shell and the snake.

The Crescent as the Beauty Spot
On the Forehead,
With a Vermillion Spot.

But the Mother in a Strange Mood
Of Annihilation,
An Avatar to annihilate the asuric forces.

The Hair is Matted and Ruffled
And She in an Angry Mood of Hers,
Revengeful and Punishing.

Mother Kali, Mother Kali
Looking Bizarre, Strange
With the Four Hands of Hers.

Mother, Mother,
The Mother of the World,
The Creation.

And Mystical,
You just try to see Her, feel Her.

Strange and Bizarre in Appearance
She is not only Dreadful,
But Blissful too.

You just,
Just try to see Her, see Her,
She is So Merciful, So Kind.

The Dark Hindu Goddess,
The Mythical Goddess,
Mythical and Mystical.

There is Light in Her Eyes,
Dark Eyes,
There is the Play of Whole Creation.

Blood dribbling from the Tongue
Held Out
Taken in Anger.

As Such the Statue,
The Statue of Kali,
Kali Dreadful, Kali Blissful.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: art
Kumarmani Mahakul 13 August 2019

Kali is blissful and she is a great Goddess Mother. You have penned one wonderful poem.

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