Key To My Fathers Heart Poem by Elliott Rosenberg

Key To My Fathers Heart

Let us come to terms with each other,
inconceivable as it may seem,
For opulence draws its light from darkness,
bleeding a convalescent moon.

Lest assured that dawn has spoken,
Through frigid lisping branches,
To tell the story of a fair prince that reigns the evening sky.

A child of nobility shunned from civilization,
Lays dormant behind blue doors,
For his Hegelian eyes sway forth, grazing the vast frontier.

Vesting dominion over Hellespont,
Where effluent Bosphorus waters carry on,
Hera Stands affirm,
Beseeching Jason's arm.

As he ferries her cross stream,
Above elliptical surges,
A sandal does he loose,
gifted to this crone.

A goddess for a prow,
foretelling every passage,
Sailing athwart clashing rocks,
Towards Medea's arms.

Anchored at a distance,
Where rabid earth meets raging sea,
Argo's crew awaits at Colchis,
Battered from a hailing storm.

Return my father,
For the Argonauts are here,
Awaiting the Golden Fleece,
Avenge our kingship,
By merry song,
To lead our journeymen home.

A noble steed arose,
To share this tale with thee,
Snarling at death,
With a locking gaze,
Carrying the key to my fathers heart.

So the stars curtsied,
To take a final bow,
Placing the golden amulet,
Around my daughters neck.

Running against the wind,
She found a burning bush,
Flanked by two roses,
That sprung in the undergrowth.

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love and pain
y eyes are heavy and wearing me down. I lay in semidarkness peering through a dimly lit window at the rising moon.
My body aches product of a tuna sub consumed out of relentless inability of self control.
My thoughts scuttle towards oblivion corrugated in a sea of mental activity.
I have found silence. Yet I cannot move in its chamber. For its hefty air bounds my soul.
Suddenly I see Lisset, an Olympian swimmer who throws me an anchor as I twirl beneath the sinuous sea.
She is my savior for God has left her in my wake to be my guardian friend. And so I wrote November 3rd,2014 for Raymond's daughter who carries the key to her fathers heart.
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