Thoughts of a Single Man

Kissed By The Touch Of My Pen - Poem by Thoughts of a Single Man

Gingerly she walks
along the wall of our own recognition
carefully sitting on it's edge
cringing under the weight
of the contemplating thoughts
that race to embrace her in their wreaking touch
for sometimes the burden of unrequited love
is too just much to bear
she the delicate flower that was plucked far to fast
from the loving field from which she was grown
torn from the tender waters that do not harm
but bond those who exist in the sketching display
that leads the way of the fetching soul
I have seen her
through the images that are made up on the page
and I know her
and the pain that exists within her
though it is not openly displayed
the stream the feeds from the well of her wondering wish
the one spawned from the rivers of seeking bliss
for I too know the notes of the echoing tones
when the heart strings are stroked hard
and torn asunder
by those who come only to plunder
with thieving ease
feasting upon the knowing, the loving, and the caring
looking for the sweet treats of the mind
leaving the empty lonely plate of the heart behind
I have put pen to paper a thousand times
praying she feels the heart beating within this man
as her eyes danced upon my many lines
as she held herself in a protecting huddle of weeping regrets
naked before me in the shadows of my mind
I often come quietly to her
reaching for her
in the words of flow from the inking pen
for my love is unrequited
and these inking gems are given freely to the sighted
the one who sees me beyond the mere phrase
and can be tapped
with the words that so sweetly lay on the blank scroll
feeling not only the winding breeze in me
but the seasons in my soul
as I hope to warm her from her solemn cold
for I know there are times that she shivers
wishing that there was someone there for her to hold
so I must breathe heat upon her
in the words that come in these drifting clouds
sifting soothing and hot
the fundamental story
that is the intended plot that is the poet
I want my ink to cover her
to please her
to fill her in the darkest night
with the designing shining light of what I say
to produce the colorful array
that leaves their marks in her concealed world so very grey
a blossoming kaleidoscope of a written rainbow
that is the spectacle of my splattering love
the connection to me
when one is touched by them
and sees the glowing embers that trickle
floating from my mental furnace
that burns silently above
for they come to me each morning
as I sit here in the dawn of the mourning night
wondering what words can I write
hoping that she knows
that they were written for her alone
leading her to the path where her heart can find it's home
conducting the unheard concert
in a symphony so profound
that the notes produce the wings that will carry her to me
where our love shall be finally found
I want her to close her eyes
as she becomes one with me
embracing in the mental fray
where the water becomes the thinking ink
that washes all her scars away
replaced with the loving tats
that fall sweetly upon the skin
I want her to see me and to feel me
For my words to be the light that guides her to me
the navigation of the twinkling star
that hangs above the waves of the loving sea
and find the poet there
in the fabric of the expanding sky
weaving the breathing words
that becomes the soft gentle cloth
that wipes the tears from her eyes
to see me writing immersed in the reciting
to be drowned in the submerging link
as she is claimed and stained
by the black rain that is my falling ink
as she hears me
in the feathered whispers of a mating hush
as she stands before the canvas of the poet
with my words cascading from her moving lips
as we are there
lost in the glistening mist once again
as she pulls me form the waiting page
where the art of my scripting heart is drawn
and she is kissed by the touch of my pen

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 30, 2012

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