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To Melt Her Heart Of Ice - Poem by Thoughts of a Single Man

On the banks of a frozen river, that ebbs from the waves of an icy dead sea, where those lost in pain float in the drowning depths of anguish and torment I found her. The warmth in her eyes gone, just a cold stare of a woman who was no longer all there, and knew nothing but sorrow. Who cared not for the coming tomorrow for each day was dreary, dark, and the same. In that bitter sweet instant I knew that she was destined to be a part of my life for I was determined to reach her and melt her heart of ice.

She was there alone for so long wading in the frigid waters of her own regrets. Where the sun rarely rises and the moon refuses to set for such was her way for she had been hurt before, tossed aside and left to perish on the highways of broken hearts. It was there that I found her, frozen in that moment in time, that moment in her mind, that held her there in a monument of her own memories. When all she could do was recall the pain, so much so, that it surpassed the recollection of her tormentor's name. Like so many others her existence had began to cease, trapped in a cage of her own design, like a noble frozen beast. She had found no peace./But as I came to her slowly she began to move once more, to prove once more, that hearts can mend with the assistance of a real friend and not all men we cruel and empty in their task and could answer the questions asked. I was there with her as one day the sun peeked it's golden eye over the cloudy dawn and she found herself warm and the ice began to melt. Slowly, ever so slowly, her chest rose heaving as the scars of her pain and grieving faded and I could see her breathing as I began to melt her heart of ice.

She marveled as this new found feeling, and it left her reeling, for she had been in the cocoon of solitude and remorse for so long. She learned to remember the little things. the morning dew and butterfly wings, that so many of us take for granted, But when you have been lost for so long, singing a silent song, and awake from that endless sleep where the only lonely weep, you see the smallest things as being enchanted. I moved with her each day for she had issues that still remained. The kind the left her stained and afraid to be abandoned. She knew not how to trust anymore for so many came to her to ransack the riches of her heart's treasure for seemingly no reason but their own filthy desires and always seemed to come at random. Such was her protection in her frozen ways, lost in a frozen maze, until I lead her to the light of a new day. Her breath came hot now like the fires that danced anew in her soul. No more cold clouds of frigid air, as she blew a kiss and found me there, as I prepared to melt her heart of ice.

And so now she sees the seasons change and basks in the glow of the temperatures are the swim around her, I am so happy that I found her, and could save her form her frozen fate. In truth she saved me as well, for we all have our private ponders of hell, and all sail on the unknowing course on the rivers of romance searching for their elusive mate. I watch her now smiling at the breaking dawn, as I hold her long and warm, in the arms that she has come to know as her home. She will never be alone again for am there with her now to let her know that she has a new chapter in her life, written in the ink that falls on the pages of the infamous book of our love and is a story that knows no end. It strikes me though every time I see it snow for it reminds me of who she once was. When there were only the twinkles of her frozen tears that fell like sickles from the roof tops of winter yet now I see her there among the patterns of the falling flakes as the dove flutters by her in proof that every one can love again. If they only are given a chance for lessons of the heart can always be re taught, I know for I came and I fought, to melt her heart of ice.

She is here with me, sleeping now, as I sit here and write these words. I do not want to disturb her silent slumber, but I wonder what would this day be like if I was still unaware of the existence of my lady fair and had not bothered to care and left her there. No such worries for I smile now as I reach the end of these lines, so content in body soul and mind, for I found her and she found me and I was able to set her free, and melt her heart of ice.

Thoughts of a Single Man 2012 tm

Thoughts of a Single Man 2012 tm

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