Lacking Nothing Poem by Rightly Considered

Lacking Nothing

This morning, weak in my soul
Wondering why I had no strength
Questioned where I had felt this way before
Remembering, there is an answer in natures Lore

Quickly it came, like rain unexpected
As I opened to an epistle, realizing
It had been to long since I had grazed there
I had been eating elsewhere
With Abraham, and the Psalms, and Isaiah

As I began to eat, strength came
In the form of rest and peace
And I chewed with my mind
The question still longing

If I had been eating plenty,
Why was I still weak
Like a babe with milk in cheek
I was filled, but with no strength

As the moment of first light
Is never quite discerned
So I could not grasp
At which point I learned….the answer

Our body must take
All that God provides
Meat and milk, vegetables
Fruit and grain

And so the soul
All His word must ingest
Law and history, and in epistles
We must invest

Our time
In prophetic mystery
All the gospel
Passing into inward parts
And down
To the soulish part of man

To nourish all the soul
Like the blacksmith with his fiery coal
We must be completely fitted, with hammer
Steel, heat and blows,

and the vision of what would be made
of these Jars of earthen clay

So drink the swirling Holiness
Of lasting truths well mixed
Finding all the broken cords
To be mended, fixed,

In you.

S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 10 February 2014

An oracular poem but on interpreting it my way i found in it a quest. We all need go huntin truth and with impartial minds we wud notice it far quicker. Kudos for yor fantastic phrasing n diction.

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