Lament Win Back Poem by Asimuzzaman Asim

Lament Win Back

Your dejection once sought comfort in company
But those who were once yours have long gone,
Those who would genuflect as you passed
Who once lineal your driveway are long gone.

Put off by your wilfulness at love,
The waiting night chose not to stay,
Dismayed by my patient fortitude,
Those who erst consoled me are long gone.

Neither a invoke for a lover's tryst, nor a melancholic obsecration,
Neither unending tales, nor nagging complaints
In this your world I remain, afflicted,
Those vantage my heart once fend are long gone,

There was no one at the crossroads but us
When our garments were besmirched with ink,
We held up soiled habits as ornaments
And walked cockily into feast of the beloved.

There's no passion now on fealty's fair face
What use this rope, this gallows pole?
Those who once immersed in their delinquency of love
Those delinquents too are long gone.

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