Last Day Of Summer 2019 Poem by Deanna Samuels

Last Day Of Summer 2019

Even now, summer does not want to give up its glory

Late into September, sunny days spread their warm rays

Autumn is but one short day away, yet summer will not yield

Trees have barely begun to change their rich green colors

Hanging on to their summer shades and sporting full leaved dress

Though, here and there, maples flaunt a tinge of orange blaze

Not wanting to be outdone to show off their leaves and amaze

Road side golden rods in abundance proudly display their full bloom

Cornfields a rich golden brown, their fruit of cobs long harvested

Awaiting to be ploughed into the ground to nourish the soil

Herds of cattle munch the long sweet grass growing in the fields

Lying down in groups, enjoying these last warm days of summer

Folk taking advantage of the warmth, out in force at their leisure

Getting extra wear from shorts and tees and lighter summer gear

Ensuring every moment counts before this late summer rolls away

And yet, even as the night hours draw in earlier and earlier

Summer just does not wish to yield and end

Has gone into a mode of Indian Summer code

Why not!Let the late summer have its way

For soon, autumn will descend and have its day

Written on drive to Scugog, Ontario - 22nd September 2019

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: autumn,green,summer time ,trees
Deanna Samuels

Deanna Samuels

London, England
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