Last Time Poem by Marcquiese Burrell

Last Time

Tell me how you think i'm coming back
and love you like i did once before
Ain't no way you can fix that
when you had your heart set on number two
and had me sitting around questioning
what would have my mind confused
You must have thought, i thought, we were fine
but all your wrongs will catch up a later time
and this would be the time
I have opened up the blinds

There's no place in my heart for you
You were evicted when you've committed
the biggest felony of loves rules

Distance comfort me through what have caused me pain
What I've discovered would have made me cut the chains
Fought a battle bound to have me wounded and slain
I watched what I thought was love go up in flames

Yea, I laid awake on nights with you beside me
Thinking how could you not of been happy
Thinking how would I make this into a right
then a light went off
if your needs aren't met
baby, you then could forget
There ever being a chance
Where we take another trip
to the very place that's now forbidden

Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: cheat,hurt,infidelity,loss,pain,sad love
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