Tyler Ste

Late Night On (2003) - Poem by Tyler Ste

from the ash of the fallen towers
from the ash of the fallen towers
from the ash of the fallen towers

we arise with burning embers
we arise & are forced to remember
burning like the Reichstag fire
the death toll growing ever higher
a plot to bring about a war
Pearl Harbor in mind evermore

the death toll climbs for Freedom
for huddled masses yearning
but Big Brothers got me wondering why the fires started burning

the fires are still burning
the fires are still burning
the fires are still burning

the I in the crowd
his perceptions are (f) ucked
the swelling of mainstream media has his identity crushed
he’s infantile now and primitive at best
lazy and unintelligent
so ripe for the test
America so prime
for controlled disintegration
regression to a simple state through dissociation
the television sets become the leader of the nation

don’t look away
don’t look away
don’t look away

we’re in a State of Emergency
for all the wrong reasons
remaining ignorant to the truth
demanding more American Idol seasons
mass media induced panic
a massive overdose of theatrics
a smokescreen seen but ignored
'Did you hear! ? Angelinas baby’s born! '

as the neo-cortex slowly dissolves
and the limbic system devolves
we’re being lead into a cage of the mind
where creativity is a rare find
where we think, we think, but don’t act so
like marionettes in a puppet show

leave it behind

leave the neon shepherd
leave the tube-dwelling flock
the clock’s ticking
uncover the plot
the truth isn’t hard to find
with an open mind and the desire to see
the cover up is open wide
in braille, if necessary

if this has all gone over your head
please do me a favor and go back to bed
know everything is fine and sleep in peace
there’s nothing to fear. no Secret Police
no hidden agenda
no conspiratorial plot
go back to sleep, America
the fire’s just too hot

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