Lazarus (Come Out Of That Cave) Poem by Luke Easter

Lazarus (Come Out Of That Cave)

There was a reason Jesus healed Lazarus on the 4th day,
Sadducees believed not till the 3rd did the spirit go away,
Just so in no one’s mind it would absolutely be no doubt,
This is why the Lord waited to return and bring him out.

Jesus wept not because for Lazarus’ death He was grieved,
His spirit was troubled due to the fact no one had believed,
He said, “Lazarus fell asleep” so it was not the end of the story,
John 11, “Didn’t I say if you believed you’d see God’s glory.”

Christ already knew He was going to raise Lazarus, His friend,
Aware this so called death was not final why weep with them?
“If You would have been here my brother would not have died, ”
They were doubting His miracle power and this is why He cried.

Apostle Paul stated in the Book of Acts chapter 26, verse 2,
“King, I think myself happy” and this is what we should do,
Do not base your responses on how the situation looks,
Answers should be given on scripture contained in the book.

Mark 11: 23, Jesus says, “ye shall have whatsoever ye say, ”
Why climb a mountain when the verse tells us to cast it away?
Knowing the miracles why did Mary & Martha have to grieve?
Philippians 4: 19, “But my God shall supply all of my needs, ”

You’re out of work, health is failing, finances are on the brink,
Are you really relying on God or trusting in what you think?
Proverbs 4: 23, “guard your heart for it effects everything you do, ”
Do you recite God’s promises or what the evil one tells you to?

Speak to your problems as Jesus told Lazarus to “come forth, ”
“Promotion does not comes from the east, west, south or north, ”
This verse is from Psalms 75, here’s another one shedding light,
Zechariah 4: 6, “by the Lord’s spirit, not by our power or might.”

OK, your situation is not dead but you have one foot in the grave,
Like Gideon, you’re questioning why circumstances are this way,
Claiming poverty, he said, “I am the least in my fathers house, ”
Is faith roaring boldly like a lion or whimpering like a mouse?

“A merry heart is like medicine, a broken spirit dries the bones, ”
Proverbs 17: 22 concentrate on the front and leave the end alone,
Romans 12: 9, “Abhor that which is evil, hold fast to the good, ”
Look what happened to the three little pigs in a house of wood.

God is not stretching you to fail and make another mistake,
He is preparing it so than in a storm you will not break,
Like a rubber band you’ll soon return to your former shape,
After stretching, next time the more you are able to take.

Being in quicksand, the more you wiggle, the deeper you sink,
Having a skunk for a pet, that’s right, your house will stink,
God will never rescue, save, assist or begin to bring you out,
Swimming in waters of uncertainty filled with sharks of doubt.

Luke Easter

Luke Easter

Cleveland, Ohio
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