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''' Lead Me To Heaven

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Standing in the frigid ice,
I shiver at the gust of cold daggers.
Why shall I pay the price,
When traitors were my so called brothers?

Fighting for my dearest country
With my fellow brothers, all so bravely
That’s when enemy bombs struck our bunkers
Drained were my captain’s colours.

Conspiracy, that’s what it was
Who had sold our war plan to the dogs?
When the shots died and so did soldiers
Captain held me by my collar.

Someone had played a dirty game
Secret papers were leaked and I was blamed
They called me war hero and now I was despised
All because of a bundle of lies.

Convicted for a crime that never was mine
I’d rather have died in fire’s line.
I rot in the jail and wait for release
But I have a few days life on lease.

I hope for the law to favour me
I wait to be proclaimed 'not guilty'
Badges taken and uniform shredded
Oh god, please end this dark ballad.

Everyone hates me, except my wife
For she knows I can never betray.
I know you can see the truth too
Then please send angels to my rescue.

Let the angels lead me to heaven
Play the trumpets, draw the curtain
I want peace and want to be respected
That I shall find only when I’m dead.

I will feel bad about leaving my wife
But she’ll be fine in a matter of time.
Lead me to heaven, end my life
Cause I haven’t slept well in a longtime.

(13 August 2007)

Prompt: Written for the title prompt 'lead me to heaven'

Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 18 February 2009

death may not be an escape from the bad name..only the pain...th bad people would give you the bad name to escape their trial..god should give us the strength to live on..for if every innocent decides to die god has to soon close shop

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Reshma Ramesh 13 November 2008

good job mam on a touching topic..........well penned

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Ershad Mazumder 15 October 2008

Death is not the end of this life. Death is the beginning of a new life. So pains will be here and there.God is playing with His dolls.He is a kid enjoys playing with His own creation.

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Asma Bahrainwala 01 September 2007

this is an excellent poem, Preets... and to build on just a title prompt is indeed very challenging... You have done a fantastic job here... I just love the way you write... There is a tremendous variety in your poems... love, Asma...

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