Lead Us Well Poem by Hezekiah Tiamiyu

Lead Us Well

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We can't watch
Our brothers die in pain
I can't see
Our sisters raped again
I fear
It could be my wife
I fear
It could be my mother,
I fear
It could be my daughter
I fear, one day
It could be me.
God forbid!

Where are those black men
Wearing black
From head to leg?
Like people mourning a nation.
Are you waiting till I die?
Or till when we all take up arms?
Mr president
I'd give you a hot seat
So you see how we hurt
Maybe a house for you
At the north would change things.

Where are we heading?
My brother knows no English,
His worst hobby is reading,
Chai! Gbese!
When are we as giants
Going to march the world?
Lead us well
And see us grow
That this soil
On which we stand
Shall keep to smile.

Mr president
Lead us well
Govern us well
Our governors
Protect us
Oh men-in-black.
We plead by the blood-tears
Our founding fathers
Cry in the grave
Please, Lead us well.

Wahab Abdul 01 May 2013

i like socio political poem..i like it, concentrate on the qualities of poem more to be one of the best, i wish you success..

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Ace Of Black Hearts 01 May 2013

Hey can you tell more about your nation, because here in the western countries Nigeria isn't covered well.

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Hezekiah Tiamiyu

Hezekiah Tiamiyu

Lagos state, Nigeria
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