Friends Poem by Hezekiah Tiamiyu


Rating: 3.5

Friends in times of sorrow,
Will stay and remember you of tomorrow.
The atlantic ocean with friends becomes shallow.
The bones of hardship shall they with you swallow.

Who if not your friends shall give you joy?
In your striving shall they also toil,
And their success you all will enjoy.
In silence they remain till you till the soil,
For they know you will at last get oil.

Friends are people of happiness,
They believe in nothing but togetherness.
Their hobby since ages is love and truthfulness.
Without friends you are helpless,
Your cry they understand and come to bless.

Friends will always trust and co-operate.
As close as the moon and stars they co-relate.
For those with friends I congratulate.
Some people are vexed to see friends celebrate.
But till Thy kingdom comes shall we jubilate.

Friends like my friends.

The poem has quite some imageries, ... Line 3 'atlantic ocean(means deep/big troubles) with friends becomes shallow(means solved/reduced) .... Line 9 '...oil' means success.
The poem was inspired by and is dedicated to my best friend Ayo Bella Mariposa Abiola
Aayushi Tated 08 July 2012

i like ur imagination friend....! ! u are really inspiring and ur best friend is really lucky to have such a gr8 poet as her friend.. anyways all the best..!

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Karen Sinclair 09 July 2012

This is a refreshing joyous piece by the end which is where it matters, when we may sit in the comfort, a friend blanket brings...lovely and i think your friend must be really chuffed with this poem....tyvm..karen

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A fine dedication...Thank you for the breakdown of the lexia you employed in the work that in other languages might have a different meaning. I like the rhyme-schemeyou constructed...~FjR~

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Damilola Oyebode 04 January 2021

Greatly blessed by this

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Priya Singh 05 September 2012

Its pleasure to read this piece of an art....

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Tiger Lily Love 28 July 2012

I really enjoyed this piece! Especially the line The bones of hardship shall they with you swallow Vey much liked how you phrased that! :)

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Nurain Ali-balogun 14 July 2012

Friends...what can we do without their existence? Love the way you 'rhyme' and your careful choice of words.

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Derek Haughton 10 July 2012

Astonishing comments on this! To plagiarise 'words that tear and strain to rhyme' sum it up for me, it reads like a bad translation.

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Hezekiah Tiamiyu

Hezekiah Tiamiyu

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