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Whirling from the west,
Madly running without rest,
Sharply, all vests abreast.
Windvanes runs out to the test,

Friends in times of sorrow,
Will stay and remember you of tomorrow.
The atlantic ocean with friends becomes shallow.
The bones of hardship shall they with you swallow.

God, Supreme Being known to all.
His existence years before man's invention.
The church says He is a Lord of perfection.
When you walk through darkness and Him you call,

Oh! On my birthdate,
On my 18th birthday,
When I will be
Now an adult.

We are the world's richest,
Building houses anywhere we care.
Give us your cartons so we tear,
To make of beds the best.

This is me,
A living being,
That which I am,
And what I have,

When we sleep at night,
And put the alarm to eight,
Not assured if we
The next morning will see.

O ye man
Of little understanding!
Engulfed by pleasures,
You have become blind

Tick tack tick
Tack tick tick
The clock tick
Seconds to minutes

Arewa mi
My heart, my confidence
For you made me never depressed
I'll cherish you all your years

Olá pessoas
Wassap peepo
Why the long face?
Why the incessant tears?

We can't watch
Our brothers die in pain
I can't see
Our sisters raped again

Priceless beauty,
Pure beauty,
Intelligent and always does her duty.
Oh! How i wish she was sleeping beauty,

Eighteen years I've lived
And unto my family I've cleaved.
Without any regrets
Other than my regrets.

The song we use to sing;
On 1st October 1960
Nigeria became Independent.
The anthem we recite;

Zip up
Sit up
Come on
Won't work

Chatter and cheers
Table and chairs
Sitting to the pleasure
Of blessings we can't measure

I wonder what you see
Calling me different,
Because I come from
A land of oil?

In a world full of sweetness
And assurance of lasting freshness,
In a world of love
Uncomparable in all the world

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A native of Ogun state, Nigeria. Raised in Lagos State, Nigeria. Male. A leader from birth. He doesnt believe in impossibility, likes to imagine d possibility of d impossible. He's just cool, gentle, friendly and respectful. Studied in a series of school like Owo-samson nur/pry, Livingstone college, Reima Royal college, to mention a few... An ambitious agent of change.)

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A Thunderstorm

Whirling from the west,
Madly running without rest,
Sharply, all vests abreast.
Windvanes runs out to the test,
The wind is truly from the west.

As the wind sweeps along the paths,
Like a king trees bow as he pass.
Is this arrival not a world class?
Every lass the mighty tree has,
Falls as the wind proves his class.

The pregnant cloud takes her form,
Saying the pregnant cloud is set to born,
Once again a very mighty storm.
All white and yellow to black they turn.
Thence comes that heavy thunderstorm.

Darting in and out, madly.
Traders praying, 'Rain go away, ' sadly,
Children, out with their pants, happily,
Dancing, singing, 'Rain, rain fall heavily'
As the rain pours down madly.

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Michael Morgan 07 July 2014

This is taking haiku to extremes

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