Leaving Me

Leaving Me

You don't see how lost I am
how scared I am inside.
You don't want to see reality
how much I really hide.

You say that I am broken
and you can't make it all alright.
Don't you see I don't need that from you
I just need you to hold me tight.

To love me though I'm not perfect
love me when I fall apart.
Forgive me what is bad
keeping safe my heart.

You don't want to see my tears
or my heart shattered at your feet.
It make the guilt turn angry.
and you run a fast retreat.

You owned my heart
you owned my soul.
You said forever
you'd never go.

Now here I sit
just a house away.
While you hold someone else
and it's to her you say.

You love her
you want her.
It's her your heart desires
leaving me empty
broken, and cold
weary, unloved and tired.

July 2,2009

Peri Morgan 03 July 2009

Heather, a truely remarkable and beautiful poem. Thank you for shareing such beauty, this person obviously does not realise what he threw away! 10++

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