Leon Panetta V. Crimes Of The Highest Nature Poem by Luke Easter

Leon Panetta V. Crimes Of The Highest Nature

Many years since the death of Army PFC Johnson, LeVena Lynn,
Whereas, the curtailing of those who attacked her has yet to begin,
Thursday, December 20th 2012, an in depth news report by CNN,
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta claims "Zero Tolerance" but when?

On Friday 12/21/12 a screening in 5 cities of, "The Invisible War, "
Documentary on this crime wave and why there's not less but more,
So while all one has to do is look at the single digit conviction rate,
Such a very low number why does it seem like it's already too late?

Service members brave enough report to their superiors this crime,
Subject to face ridicule, demotion… as their attackers serve no time,
An investigation into their background even an involuntary discharge,
While the guilty party preys on another victim, free and living large.

The case of Marine Lt. Elle Helmer, what happened the night before?
Reporting the incident to her Colonel he rudely showed her the door,
"You're from Colorado… you're tough, pick yourself up, dust it off,
I can't baby sit you all the time" & this guy is a U.S. Military boss?

Refusing to press charges or significantly punish her assailant at all,
Over 19,000 incidents the year 2010 alone, who will heed their call?
20 kids,6 adults, massacre, another push for gun control, that's fine,
If military victims were shot ah LeVena was, DOJ suicide, no crime.

Karley Marquet and Annie Kendzior enrolled at prestigious academies,
Only to have military personnel freely violate privates of their anatomy,
Wow! To become military officers adorning the uniform ever so proudly,
Future military careers now shrouded in shame skies now dark & cloudy.

Mr. President, Mr. President, how dare you propose to protect the kids,
Dedicated soldiers point to their attackers saying this is what they did,
To become innocent victims a second time when your regime looks away,
"Business As Usual" once again the new orders for this and every day.

Luke Easter

Luke Easter

Cleveland, Ohio
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