Ramona Thompson

Lesbian Woman V 2 - Poem by Ramona Thompson

Rewrite/parody of the classic Pretty Woman

Lesbian woman stalkin' down my street
Lesbian woman, get away
You're the not I want to meet
Lesbian woman, I don't want you
Believe me
That's the truth
No one who looks as good as me could ever want someone like you

Lesbian woman, won't you get away from me
Lesbian woman, surely you can't help but see
Lesbian woman, I'll make it as plain to you as can be
No matter how hard you try
There will never be a you and me

Lesbian woman, no I don't wanna stop a while
Lesbian woman, no I don't wanna talk a while
Lesbian woman, guaranteed you'll never get an orgasm out of me
Lesbian woman, no, no, no
Lesbian woman, just go away
Lesbian woman, you'll just have to move on and forget about me

'Cause I don't want you
My bible says it ain't right
Come on and understand please that there is no maybe
I really don't wannabe your baby
No, no, no
Lesbian woman, you won't be tappin' mine tonight

Lesbian woman, just walk on by
Lesbian woman, I don't give a damn if you cry
Lesbian woman, just walk away

That's the way it must be, ok
Go on home, it's late
And don't you dare try again tomorrow night

But wait, what is this I feel
What's happening to me?
Is she turning me on?
Is that what's happening to me?
Yeah, I'm gonna let her give it to me
O-oh God forgive me
O-oh my
Lesbian woman

2008 Ramona Thompson

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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