Let Me Go! Poem by Sandra jacks

Let Me Go!

There's and icy numbness,
where I'm standing,
no one's around,
to see me go down,
and the pain i'm feeling,
forcing me to the ground,
there's a fire burning in my heart,
don't touch me,
I might fall apart.....

I'm.... hiding... from myself now,
and the pain,
is just too much to bear,
I can hear thumping of my own heart,
I feel it somewhere,
ignoring what hurts,
and letting it all go,
pretending the pain,
is just not there,
let me go,
I want out now,
let me ease my pain,
with a knife or a needle,
I want to leave right now.
Don't tell me that,
it can't be true,
my legs are limp now,
i hit the ground,
my knees are shaking,
please let go,
why did I have know.....

I refuse to stay,
leave me to myself,
there's just no way,
I can do it with my own kind of help,
give me the bottle,
i'm screaming inside myself,
let me forget,
the day....

cause it seems like yesterday,
he was here,
but now he's gone,
I'm alone and he's not here....
it seems like yesterday,
it was going good,
but now I feel pain,
like I never thought I would.

This disease inside me it just won't stop,
and it's consuming inside,
and now I can't control myself!

So let me go!
i can do this on my own,
I don't need you support,
and if you try to find me i'll go,
what you say it just cannot be true,
i will find him
and i will get away from you,
so let me go.....

Ashraful Musaddeq 19 June 2009

Stunning touchy poem.

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Catrina Heart 19 June 2009

Such a moving lovely heartfelt poem...10++++++

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