Let's Drink Wine Poem by Li He

Let's Drink Wine

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Hsi and Ho gallop their six steeds
Days and nights leave us no leisure,
Chasing the crow to Mount Yan-zi's bamboos,
They flog their horses with a Coiling Peach whip.
Ru Shou no sooner breaks the kingfisher willows,
Than the Green Emperor creates red orchids again.
Millions of years have rolled by
Since Yao and Shun,
And no king halted his chariot more than a moment.
Green coins, white jade-rings cannot buy time.
We should be merry, make the most of the present.
Turtle-soup and bears' paws - why bother with them?
Let's drink the North Sea out of flagons,
Cross-legged on South Mountain,
Sing loud and long
To the low lilts of flutes,
Bestowing gifts of tattoo gold
For the amorous glances of singing-girls.
This is life at its best!
Why struggle to fathom the mind
Of the Creating Power?

Let's urge each other to drink,
Drink without stopping.
May the Emperor's great name
Endure without end!
His sons and grandsons spread abroad
Like arrowroot on rocks!

From Luo-yang to Chang-an
Strech lines of carriages.
Liang Chi's ancient mansion!
The old gardens of Shih Chong!

Michael Morgan 15 August 2012

very convincing. Authentic idiom.

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