Let's Go Back... Poem by The Understander

Let's Go Back...

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Where did the days go when we were all
Quiet in line with Bubble cheeks and our hands behind our back
Despite the fact, that we all had 'ants in our pants' and wanted to move...

Where did the days go when our
Biggest let down was only the distance from the top to bottom of the jungle gym
And a 'Drive By' was only what the ice cream man did in the heat
Where did the days go when our hair was never neat and dirt from teeth to feet

Where, did the days go...
When a band aid fixed everything and
Wishing on a star as far as the eye could see, was worth staying up all night
And fighting only went as far as 'well I'll end it'...

These days of worry-free living
Are no longer so giving
But that's part of life right?

It seems that along the road to adulthood
We lost what matters most, but who could
Be a child at heart, but an adult like they should at the same time?

No one.

So just for once, just for one brief second let's go back in time
To where the highlight of our day was a nursery rhyme
Let's go back...let's go back

Back, before the chore of labor and forced favors
Not to be lazy, but to remember what it was like to be crazy
And free...

What happened to the days when all we wanted....
Was to grow up.

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