The Understander Poems

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Hey There Beautiful

Hey there beautiful, come take a walk with me
Ditch those wings and know what 'free' feels like

Hey there beautiful, just let your feet hit the ground

The Next Step

I pick myself up from the gravel of broken dreams
I dust off the put-downs of the world and what it means
I take one step, feel the weight of the negativity on my shoulders
They may doubt, they may give up, they will all see, that I am the bolder

To The Timepieces End

Our Life clocks are constantly ticking and tocking
and not one of us can stop this conclusion from clocking
us in the back of the head.
Our heart beats are the rhythm to our departing day

Not As I May Seem

Just A Quote

I Still Care

There she goes again, walking by me without so much as a glance
I'm still here...I still care
Just look up from the ground, and meet your eyes with mine
for just a second and give me that feeling that i once had in past time

The Only

I stand. Just me. The only
I stand here alone in this desolate space
No expression on my face because, The Only.

Let's Go Back...

Where did the days go when we were all
Quiet in line with Bubble cheeks and our hands behind our back
Despite the fact, that we all had 'ants in our pants' and wanted to move...

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