Let The People Move Poem by Tony Adah

Let The People Move

A lightning storm has struck
The land
My country lies in ruins
Here and there a desolate
Cloud hangs above our heads
And a pool of unshed tears
Fills my eyes;
Both the north and south
Are a blitz of war
One kills the citizens
And the other the heart of the nation

Some people have placed our country
On a funeral bier
And from the Atlantic to the sahel
Loud dirges are heard
Our country is divided
On the lips of broken reeds
Than on the ground
Where it is hard as nails.

On this ground
Patriotic citizens are matching
And singing an anthem of unity
And patching the glue that binds
Different cultures and people Together in a uniqueness
That the country breaths.

Let the people chorus the anthem
Of affection and live in the land
Where the sun rises and set
And leave room for toil and gain
Not like those who think that
All promises have failed
And schism is the song in the air.

The north has rice and corn
And the south oil and all
The Igbo of the south must move
To Kano in the north and make it
Or die there where there's is no oil
Make sacrifices with a decapitated
Head of their wife
With her crimson blood flowing
On the streets;
And northerners who pitch tent
In Port Harcourt do not do so
As oil merchants
But men with tools for shaving hair
And sellers food wares
They live on well
Even in Onitsha where their mosque
Is shattered to ruins
Our country will be a solid rock
With all the prejudices
When all the citizens
Lie head to tail
And this is the engine
Of our being.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: patriotism
Onuora Ilodibe 23 August 2016

Nice poem... Call for unity.... East West North and South..... All must unite to make Nigeria great

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