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Vanessa cardui
Sometime in July noticed her presence
Upon blooming verdant lush thistles
Like thoughts prickles

My Journey farther north
Reminds me of my youth
Welcoming North westerlies
Billow harmattan whistles

I knew nothing sweet
Dangerously discreet
Only we'll keep secret
Let you in my district

Fortune seekers found
Trouble hither abound
Buried in thinkers mine
Treasures a million pile

Oh! Between you and me
This modest piece I write
My heart I intend to spill
The love you shown to me

I beg you please don't lose count
Even the Kalahari observes small amount
Of rainfall,100 millimeters a year about
And we must learn to adapt

Time flies like kites
Without precision it slide
Memories linger but awhile
Like patches of cloud my worries

A virulent spiral of buds
Growing in the swamp and creeks
Rose petals burn to peats
Peering through window lattice

The world a beautiful place
With savory bitter-sweet taste
Cry you appreciate smile expatiate
A voyage difficult to navigate.

Its not as simple
As we thought
A drop then ripples

Wish he heard your gentle voice
In the doldrum and squall was alone
Wish he stoop and listened hard
Whispering tender rekindling words

Waited for me
After all these while
How you made me feel.

Search the phoebes moon
Stride across two moons
Constellation of polar stars
Circumvent the ring of Saturn

I Can't see clearly
In the misty wary
Blurry and uncertain

Look listen learn little liven lad
Wise ways wages waxing wrath
Frail fictitious faith faded fad
Part perdition ply pristine Path


Felt lost behind schedule
Trying to meet demands
And necessities that borders a man
Time is our biggest adversary valiant enemy and bosom friend

The one that crooked akimbo
Chin way high up the windows Lah Bluejays skies flamingoes
Pardon my slangs and gismo

Just like everyday
Comes in different hue
Sundays are cool

There she sat disheveled
Right Beside his sick bed
A wet cloth over his head
A pail totally half filled

I can't forget the bouts we went through together
The rumble through the droughts and squalls
Brothers in arms battened hatches quell storms

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Painted Lady

Vanessa cardui
Sometime in July noticed her presence
Upon blooming verdant lush thistles
Like thoughts prickles
Morning dew glisten off raising sun
Some things are natural as they come
Aesthetic and fragile
A touch of spectacle to reflect upon
Abreast with nature you will hear her call
Clicking sounds and whistles
Unspoken words but sounds mellifluous
Strumming every cord to piece-up a song
Morning she comes painted lady Colorful on thistle's thongs
As a boy she snapped my love
Playing in the tropical woods
Little do I know of her life cycle a
She would last a day or two
Floating beautifully the thin air Her multicolored wings.

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