Javi Lopez

Where Did It All Go? - Poem by Javi Lopez

Got too excited
For something that I knew was through
To come and see if there's a flame
Between me and you

After your leave
For a month or so
I was glad you were back
Without you I felt low

My intent was to see you
My mission to find your love
But that must have passed me
Or gone above

It seems your feelings were gone
And that our time was short
That's what I get for falling in love
Now I feel like a dork

I feel like a moron
I should've known you moved on
I should've just thought differently
Everything's wrong

Mr.Solo Dolo
Lonely and sad
Used to it of course
But it's still pretty bad

Walking away from your house
Not in anger but in remorse
For not realizing sooner
You were never in love with me of course

Foolish the idea
Stupid the thought
I knew I wasn't your type
Just something I never got

I never made it there
I won't ever
Will ever make that better

Putting on my shades
Cover up my tears
My dreams being so right
While confirming my fears

Walk to remember
I can't forget
The love we shared graciously
All those times we met

Our eyes and our lips
With passion ablaze
But I guess for you
That was just a phase

It was minor, unimportant
Just a game
Never really meant a thing
What a shame

It's a tragedy
It's Depressing
With the feeling growing
In my mind it's progressing

But I knew it wasn’t meant to be
I'm just glad you're fine
I knew for a fact
You would never be mine

But it matters little
I'll never mention it again
Just let it drift away
Our love has reached it's end

Another night alone
Just gonna spend this night wondering
Where did it all go?

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 8, 2010

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