Javi Lopez

Another Life Poem - Poem by Javi Lopez

Wake up to another day
filled with madness and disarray
cant handle all the stress
created from this horrible mess

dealing with the work
dealing with the people
my mad fiancee
and her guilt trick that's so evil

wishing I could just jump off
the 3rd floor of the school
I take it upon myself
to just stay cool

more trouble ensues
with annoyance and rage
horrible hour turns to horrible week
with me stuck in a cage

downer moment
ready to fall over
oh hey look over there
its the guy in the corner

of the classroom anyway
even though I'm pretty out there
meeting the strangest characters
with whom I tried to avoid a stare

unlike that girl
who I happen to be crushing on
but like most of these stories
its obvious she doesn't feel the same

lower and lower it goes
friends acting nuts around me
I don't blame them
I'm pretty annoying and sadly

I would rather be here at home
but then my family is killing me too
annoying brother
and bipolar father who

just happens
to get mad at me a lot
for things that are minor
but he sees them as a lot
I get a glare and a talk
every now and then
as well as a messed up room
and a dry pen

sleep can't help me
my fiancee has issues
my friend wants to hit me
and I still got so much schoolwork to do

insane is it not
but it gets so much worse
not to exaggerate my condition
which isn't a first

but its still pretty bad
promised her I wouldn't die
but I'm still pretty unsure

lend some sympathy
or don't care at all
to this boy who writes out his feelings
and isn't very tall

but is very truthful
to these words that he writes
with the impulses
he continuously fights

in this crazy world
and his crazy life
but hopefully things will look up
and his fiancee will actually act as a wife

but what can I do
not really much
just lay back till I get some help
or at least some lunch

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 26, 2010

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