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Letter From The Victims Of Yolanda - Poem by Gianni Pansensoy

Dear Auntie Sonia,
My Dearest Auntie Sonia,

How has life been treating you? I hope that you are living a good and peaceful life with you beloved family.To enjoy every second of your life with them is the priceless gift and the best part of our days on earth.

My beloved auntie Sonia, please do not lose your senses whenever you read the painful content of this letter.Every word expressed on it is written by the saddest emotion that still bleeds with tears of agony of losing my loved ones, home and municipality.

They said that the wind could only be felt but could never be seen.When the storm unleashed her wrath, I saw the color of the strongest wind that I have not seen in my entire life: Death.

She blew cars, heavy-loaded trucks, pay-loaders and roofs of houses like falling leaves from the dying trees.She was a violent giant running in amok.Gripping a heavy hammer, pounding every structure along her way and destroying them into dusty rubbles.Much more deadlier than her hammer were the waves higher than a 10 footer electrical post that literally wiped our municipality of Guiuan out from the map.The unfortunate souls were washed into the sea like pieces of broken stems.After the devastation of the storm, hundreds of cadavers were scattered everywhere and some were piled like timbers in an illegal saw-mill.The air that was once perfumed with the fragrance of sea breeze, now; Suffocated with the harsh smell of the decaying flesh.

Life has always taught us a lesson to learn in a most painful way.It is best to invest our emotion more on love for the family and fellowmen than to invest in desired material objects that could easily be taken away in a minute.

During the storm surge, as far as I remember, when the flood arrived into our doorstep, it rose so fast and submerged the first floor of our home immediately.I ran hysterically downstairs to take mama Julia up: Your favorite sister.But the flood was torrential, it swept her easily away while her head was bleeding, battered by floating debris.I swam as fast as I could to save her from death but the water's current separated as 15 meters apart in a split second.With a very exhausted voice, she still managed to reprimand me of letting her go even if I did not want to.She ordered to save my life and my little sister's life instead and her left palm bade the bitterest goodbye that I have never felt ever since.I could not do anything but to cry in vain while watching her drowning slowly and die in a saddest way.When I went upstairs, my younger sister was lying dead, a piece of heavy metal flown by the fiercest wind was still on her tiny pretty face. I did not want to see her dead, even when I wanted to deny it, she was really dead. I hugged her cold corpse and wept with agonizing pain that radiates in every part of my soul.

My dearest mama and my sweet little sister whom were my audience.Where ever you are right now, with the tune of my eternal love for the both of you, I will strum the strings of this guitar till the rest of my life.I wish and I know you are listening up there, the melodies of my composition will still let your lips give the sweetest smile.I will always pray to the God of Israel, our merciful God to open the gate of heaven so wide for your angelic souls.

Super Typhoon Yolanda was not merely a storm but a living deluge with an anger of uncontrollable wrath against us and the whole of humanity.A divine retribution against our ingratitude and the chronic abuse of our environment that has been giving us life.May God and his nature forgive and give us another chance to cure our insatiable greed that led and will always lead us all into absolute destruction.

Except for the thieves who are the bacteria in our government, much more deadlier than Bubonic Plague and Typhoon Yolanda, From the depth of our hearts, we give a million thanks to President Noy-Noy Aquino and the DILG secretary Mr. Mar Roxas for their unwavering help and support.

Who am I to say these words? I am just a poor and a struggling poet.In behalf of the filipino people, forgive us american people for kicking your bases out before.We were just carried away by our irrational nationalist fervor that reached the point of dementia.We realized that in the times of our darkness and tragedy, you are always here to help us.Thank you for the freedom you gave us and the democratic ideals you shared with us. We are very sorry for our past mistakes, lead us to rectify them.

To Israel, European countries and the rest of the world that have been helping us.Thank you very very much!

My beloved Auntie Sonia, I wish that before i close my eyes and travel into another life, the whole of humanity will unite as one nation to combat climate change for the sake of the younger generation and mankind.

Respectfully Yours,
Juan De suenio

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