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Letters From Mom - 2 Of 4 - Poem by Raj Arumugam

Letters from Mom - 2 of 4

Letters from Mom - Letter 2 of 4: Our new place

Dear my Dearest Ninny

That was good of you to phone
Great to hear your voice dear
but surely
think about it a little
you need to shout a little more
being so far across the mountains
on the other side
in the other state
Even when we got telephone
you got to shout a little more -
cos even with the telephone,
it's a fair distance, remember
so all we can hear of you is a faint crackle

This new place is not too bad
dear O dearest Ninny
It's got one of these wonders, the washing machine
but I'm not sure if it works really
cos I put my first load of clothes in for the wash
and I pulled at the handle
and there was a rush of water
and, dear or dear me,
I saw everything swirling
but I haven't seen the clothes since
Dad says that thing there
is for men to sit on and read the newspaper
But tell me - why would they have water in there
if it were not a regular one-of-them washing machine?

Tell you about the weather here in our new place
dear O dearest Ninny
Not too bad - it only rains say twice a week
which is not too bad
See it rained Monday and continued till Thursday morning
and then continued from Thursday morning to Sunday night -
which is not too bad, just twice a week,
my dear O dearest Ninny

Now Dad wants to sit on that washing machine
and read the newspaper
he says, like he claims eminent men do
But no way, I'm not allowing him to sit on our washing machine -
have you ever heard of such a thing?
I'm going to kick him, if I need to
I think I'll put in another load of washing
and see if the machine spits out the first one I put in

Write to me, or call us again, Darl Ninny
Your loving Mom

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...poems in this series based on an online joke...

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, January 19, 2013

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