Levity Poem by Elliott Rosenberg


- - - -
If I can dream to fly away,
Where would I go?
Africa's dessert and leave my soul,
Under a tree burning alone.

Maybe the truth is finding a home,
In an oasis standing tall,
Somewhere in heaven not forgotten,
Burried with walls of stone.

I shall stay another day,
Sleep this morning with my groom,
His pillows made of Jacobs rock,
Wich holds my head past noon.

In his arms I still remain,
Like a virgin with the moon,
Crying with love I bathe his skin,
With many tears of joy.

Time it came for me to go,
And find another way,
Birds I followed south that day,
To distant cliffs unknown.

I must say I felt a need,
To trace my steps to him,
Yet I sailed to see the world,
And leave my heart behind.

Knowing that evening all the same,
That wich I became.
To the horizon I turned and sighed,
With laughter and much pain.

Lord! I said.
Vain! I am.
Narcist are my ways.

Take me whole,
To your world,
Please feed my empty soul.

So my words fairies heard,
And piety was redeemed.
Then I flew another mile,
Wearing angels smile.

On this journey I have met,
the rainbows I have sought,
Giving color to deep oceans,
where my love once wept.

Awake I am,
my eyes have hatched,
to see you from the darkness.
Standing firm you never left,
always by my side.

Monday, June 9, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love educates
Sitting at the Admirals Club in London, England awaiting a flight to Chicago I hear voices, I see faces, they come at me in all forms and colors. My senses are overwhelmed and cannot distingish one feeling from the other.
Suddenly, I feel like Saint Peter guarding the pearly gates flooded by a mob of fallen angels finding refuge back to heaven.
As silence befell, only one angel stood, soft spoken her words opening her heart to me.
And so I wrote this poem for Giovanna, a brazillian model who writes to god daily while eating macaroni and cheese.
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