Liberty Of Life Poem by Chan Mongol

Liberty Of Life

Poem by Chan Mongol
July 31 of 2022

Truth is, I became permenantly handicapped;

So, who cares for my life, insight and concept?

I didn't stop yet from facing the bar of my disability;

I keep moving and bringing up insanity of the humanity.

I don't want to confuse you with the word, humanity;

Humanity installed the barricade for not having the divinity.

Mankind needs to go back to the state of nature;

So, cease humanity and catch up with divinity as the attire!

All constitutions should have persuaded divinity;

Rather, they chose evils of lions and tigers as humanity.

I feel my life in the dream, in my each fascinatiion;

Even, after the death comes, I will live on and on!

To carry on this life, every step gives me difficulty;

I can't ask for help because, it lowers my dignity.

Still, the lonely life is the best what gives me the priority;

This loner enjoys the much demanding liberty.

They think, I don't know that they cheat me;

My instincts catch their conducts of disorderly.

Chan Mongol

Chan Mongol

East Bengal (Bangladesh)
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