Chan Mongol

Chan Mongol Poems

1. Adoption Is A Violation 4/2/2016
2. A Friend Is Sick 4/2/2016
3. Good Ruler 4/2/2016
4. Language 4/2/2016
5. America Cannot Pay Bills 4/2/2016
6. Amish People 4/2/2016
7. A New World 4/2/2016
8. An Advertising Agent 4/2/2016
9. An Indian Spirit 4/2/2016
10. A Rebel 4/2/2016
11. A Robbery Victim In Nyc Subway 4/2/2016
12. Bad Parents And Bad Teachers (2005) 4/2/2016
13. Ban Capital Punishment 4/4/2016
14. Ban Capital Punishment (2) 4/4/2016
15. Ban Capital Punishment (3) 4/4/2016
16. Ban Capital Punishment (4) 4/4/2016
17. Ban Capital Punishment (5) 4/4/2016
18. Ban Capital Punishment (6) 4/4/2016
19. Ban Human Sacrifice For The State God 4/4/2016
20. Be Aware Of Fascist Countries 4/4/2016
21. Believers Are Protecting The Big God 4/4/2016
22. Be Real 4/4/2016
23. Bed Bugs 4/4/2016
24. Bedroom Culture 4/4/2016
25. Bend Over To Win 4/4/2016
26. Betrayal 4/4/2016
27. Father Got The Bullet In A Civil War 4/2/2016
28. Escape From Global Warming 4/2/2016
29. Father And The Cursed Bullet 4/2/2016
30. An Ex-Military 4/2/2016
31. A Tribute To My Father 4/2/2016
32. Big Bang Is A False Theory 4/4/2016
33. Birds Cannot Fly 4/4/2016
34. Can You Give Me What I Lost 4/4/2016
35. Cemetery 4/4/2016
36. Change The Food Habit 4/4/2016
37. New Food Habit 4/4/2016
38. Charu Majumder Of Naxalbari, India 4/4/2016
39. Chavez, The Leader 4/4/2016
40. Myth And Shadow 4/5/2016

Comments about Chan Mongol

  • Dennis Ryan (1/30/2019 6:56:00 AM)

    Nationalism and misguided patriotism are curses. You are right.
    I write similarly, the poem Tanahashi's Blood, for example, on Poem Hunter.

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  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (10/19/2018 6:26:00 PM)

    On behalf of all fellow poets, PH family and our family we offer a title of honour to poet Chan Mongol as, Loyal Pledge. This title of honour is offered to him due to his literary perseverance. We hope, all poets and visitors will like this.

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  • Kewayne Wadley Kewayne Wadley (6/20/2018 4:27:00 PM)

    A very deep and passionate poet. He brings to life the pictures he paints.
    I am glad to have come across him on the site.
    Give him a read you won't be disappointed


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Best Poem of Chan Mongol

Be Yourself

Trust yourself and have faith in you
Bullies can't hurt you, they are few!
Why fear! Be smart and take my note
Nobody ever sees you when you vote!
Don't disclose it and protect privacy
Nakedness is a shame and messy!
Do not discriminate on religion, color
Try keeping your sentiment higher!
Culture, character all are already in you
Born as the human, don't add anything new!
A believer or nonbeliever, doesn't a matter
You are on your own, just a go getter!
Temples and leaders never gave peace
Everyday, be yourself without their thesis!

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New Mankind

Poet Chan Mongol
August 20 of 2019

Leftover distance between us will decrease
We will give up mutual difficulties with ease.
Our attractions and curiosity will increase
Love and liberty will build the peace, bridge.

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