Life After Death: A Labyrinthine Subject Poem by Prem Nizar Hameed

Life After Death: A Labyrinthine Subject

The scene was somewhat similar to election booth
Religion-wise booth agents were roaming here and there
They directed the souls according to religions
My soul was being prohibited from all Heavens
because the Heavens are run by some religious Gods
And I wasn't a follower of any religions;
Then my soul went to the booth agent of Devil's Hell
It was straight away rejected by the Hell also
because, of the things I did so far some were good ones,
Good things were disqualification to Hell's entry;
Then my soul took a firm decision to stay between
The Heaven and the Hell until final verdict comes.
But soon Trishanku interfered and advised my soul:
'I have been here for ages without final verdict
The court procedures and relative officialdom
in the world seem to be far better than that of here,
so, it's futile to be Trishanku chapter 2 here'

My soul got confused and found a new shadow to rest;
While resting there, it felt an experience which was
ethereal and inexpressible; the shadow
offered a pleasant weather of eternity, which
was beyond all imaginable definitions;
it wondered at the marvellous ambience as if
it reached an exotic place of the infinity;
after a while, it felt a kind of divine presence,
the invisible divine presence said: 'Welcome dear,
I am the real God, but I haven't much followers;
you have witnessed now how the religious Gods duly
sharing their Heavens and their Hells the same way man does;
However, you can comfortably stay here henceforth,
neither the so-called luxuries of their Heavens here
nor the so-called miseries and fire of their Hell here'

My soul soon prostrated before the divine presence
and implored earnestly: 'Oh my dear God, where are you?
I want to see you, I want to touch you, bless me God'

'I am here, there and everywhere; if you can feel me,
you are able to see me also; your sincere feel
makes your inner eyes widely open to see me well'

Why does the smell of some medicines permeate here
Why I am connected to life support, suddenly?
Did my soul go to have a Near Death Experience?
Life after death is still a labyrinthine subject!

(A poem of 13-syllable lines)

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