Prem Nizar Hameed Poems

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The Dowry System

True to conscience, a bride is not a commodity of trading
Hovering on the lucratively flourishing marriage marketing;
Every woman is born with grace and dignity on the earth
Do respect her life, love her life, but never ruin her worth;


As prudence rules well
Imprudence never gets chance
For impunity

A Conversation With Corona

Of late, my laptop was attacked by a virus
And that resulted in a lockdown of all myactivities
Since I am not familiar with mobile typing
I started reading the printed news papers for a while

Reveal Yourmind Please

Reveal your mind please
Telescope discovers now
Even Milky Way;
But is there any scope how

Happy Onam For All

History or myth, concept of Onam is good:
A generous king known as Mahabali had ruled Kerala
People were in happiness and harmony then;
Pilfering, betrayal, hording etc were unknown

Are You Listening?

My mind says:
You will search for this note
I am sure, because….,
It is for you, for you only

Twenty Twenty One

The tentacles of the pandemic
Wreaked havoc much on the Mother Earth;
Easterners, westerners, southerners or
Northerners, all humans suffered a lot;


I keep all letters close by the heart
To see how they become words
To give me wonders:
The word friendship always spreads

Truth Alone Truimphs

A fire first starts from the local burners
Burners to flames to turn it to be a burning issue
Issue for which we must take a firm decision
Decision to ponder wisely to reach conscience

Face The Exams With Confidence

Students unknown, success and confidence
Have a common enemy: negativity
Recharge your mind with positive energy
Exams are not wild animals to scare you

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