Prem Nizar Hameed Poems

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The Dowry System

True to conscience, a bride is not a commodity of trading
Hovering on the lucratively flourishing marriage marketing;
Every woman is born with grace and dignity on the earth
Do respect her life, love her life, but never ruin her worth;

Love And Hate

The man who knows
The meaning of love
Will never look for
The spelling of hate

Power Supply May Be Interrupted

The power supply may be interrupted within minutes;
Before that, as a routine, today I must write a few lines;
But at present I don't have any thread or a storyline,
And I am not an artist, else I can at least draw your face;

The Real Love

We can donate many a thing,
Even organs and the body;
But one thing which we can't donate
Is the four-letter small word: LOVE!


Reminiscences are the most beautiful
And fragrant flowers in my Vrindavan;
Day and night they bloom with feel to
Heal my old wounds of separation one by one;

The Morning Breeze

The morning breeze
Took away some of my tensions,
And went through the express way,
Expressing what it has in its mind:

Some Weaknesses

I may be an atheist
Or an agnostic
I wake up on the right side

Lover's Amnesia

Lover's Amnesia...
When one's promises leave by
Petal by petal,
The other will feel swelling

Hasmukh Ji

Hasmukh Mehta ji left us for his heavenly abode,
A painful news to everyone who knows him very well;
So many poems he gifted to this column for years,
Many a poet received his gracious comments on his

Love And Humour Sense

If a person has a loving heart
He won't think about negativism;
That is why I always make my heart
Overflow with love and humour sense.

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