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True to conscience, a bride is not a commodity of trading
Hovering on the lucratively flourishing marriage marketing;
Every woman is born with grace and dignity on the earth
Do respect her life, love her life, but never ruin her worth;

The man who knows
The meaning of love
Will never look for
The spelling of hate

The power supply may be interrupted within minutes;
Before that, as a routine, today I must write a few lines;
But at present I don't have any thread or a storyline,
And I am not an artist, else I can at least draw your face;

We can donate many a thing,
Even organs and the body;
But one thing which we can't donate
Is the four-letter small word: LOVE!


Reminiscences are the most beautiful
And fragrant flowers in my Vrindavan;
Day and night they bloom with feel to
Heal my old wounds of separation one by one;

The morning breeze
Took away some of my tensions,
And went through the express way,
Expressing what it has in its mind:

I may be an atheist
Or an agnostic
I wake up on the right side

Lover's Amnesia...
When one's promises leave by
Petal by petal,
The other will feel swelling

Hasmukh Mehta ji left us for his heavenly abode,
A painful news to everyone who knows him very well;
So many poems he gifted to this column for years,
Many a poet received his gracious comments on his

If a person has a loving heart
He won't think about negativism;
That is why I always make my heart
Overflow with love and humour sense.

I keep all letters close by the heart
To see how they become words
To give me wonders:
The word friendship always spreads


As prudence rules well
Imprudence never gets chance
For impunity

Of late, my laptop was attacked by a virus
And that resulted in a lockdown of all myactivities
Since I am not familiar with mobile typing
I started reading the printed news papers for a while

Reveal your mind please
Telescope discovers now
Even Milky Way;
But is there any scope how

My mind says:
You will search for this note
I am sure, because….,
It is for you, for you only

Kochi meri jaan
You are on a frying pan
With thick toxic fumes;
Routine water scarcity

If you cannot observe anything in the mind
For your new creative assignment of the day,
Create something out of nothing as I do now;
Don't worry about the depth of your creation,

All of a sudden, our ceiling fan and pedestal fan
Went on a coma like situation at a lunch time;
My wife consulted the doctor at a repair clinic.
The doctor advised us to get both of them admitted

In accordance with my experiences so far,
Life and death may have two different attitudes:
When my life needs to live,
My death tries to lure my life to elope with;

Today, when I connected the mob charger
To my mobile phone, the mobile asked me:
"Where is my original charger? "

Prem Nizar Hameed Biography

Prem Nizar Hameed has written over 670 poems, a few political satires and short stories, some of which were published in different periodicals. In addition, he has written 50 plus personal greetings poems (Acrostic) . He is a strong believer in Humanism, Nationalism, Democracy and Secularism. A prolific ‘Letters to the Editor' person, Prem Nizar's comments on a variety of issues have been published by major newspapers and news websites across the world around 90 at last count including BBC, ABC News, IBN Live, The Guardian, The Arab News, CNN, Reuters, The Hindu, The Blitz, The Indian Express, The Times of India, India Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Asianet Global, The Pioneer, Larry King Show, Zee News, NDTV, Malayalam News, Gulf News and all important newspapers and channels in India. He has interacted with many leading personalities on their blogs. His poem won 2nd prize at Muse India's poetry contest. His poems won 1st prize(three times) ,2nd prize (twice) ,3rd prize (4 times) ,4th prize (five times) and Honourable Mention (seven times) at Muse India's monthly Editor's Pick contests. In addition, some of his poems received nominations. Poem Hunter selected his seven poems as ‘The Poem of The Day', and two poems for ‘Best Poems About Imprudence' section. An American lecturer selected and included one of his poems in her model question paper: Picturing America school collaboration conference, U.S. history lesson plan.. Two professors (from UK and Canada) selected and included one of his poems in their book: Flowers at the altar of profit and power. He is an organ donor and a cadaver donor as well.)

The Best Poem Of Prem Nizar Hameed

The Dowry System

True to conscience, a bride is not a commodity of trading
Hovering on the lucratively flourishing marriage marketing;
Every woman is born with grace and dignity on the earth
Do respect her life, love her life, but never ruin her worth;
On the measuring balance, her life shall not be weighed by dowry
Wedding is for two loving hearts, not for others' Game of Cowry;
Recent news items of a series of dowry deaths confirm a notion
Yesteryears were of ignorant, but current age is of barbaric vision;

Sure, there are rigid laws to punish a post nuptial offender
Yet, the loopholes often make all the evidences split asunder;
Salient point one lacks is to foresee the greedy mind of such bridegroom,
To entrust a reliable source to get all details in advance to avoid the gloom;
Eulogy and flattering by certain corners must be precisely analyzed
May the married life of all daughters and sisters be loved and blessed

(Acrostic poem; First letter of each line spells out THE DOWRY SYSTEM)

Prem Nizar Hameed Comments

Subhas Chandra Chakra 30 March 2018

You appear to belong to a completely new species of poets and somehow unique in your thought and your writing skill. Thanks a lot for the few great poems you have gifted to our world. Thanks Nizar. I wish you to walk miles and miles ahead to inspire the generations of poets, readers and the whole mankind.

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Troy Ulysses Davis 29 July 2013

Excellent piece. Water and conservation on a planet at least 72% water. Mankind's global vision always headed in the wrong direction.

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Prem Nizar Hameed Popularity

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