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Life Of Love

Another poem, another story,
Of how many times I have said 'I'm sorry';
Of the painful moments where I was struck by a sword,
And the countless times where my heart has soared

I don't know how, I don't know why,
Why I've just hid under a lie
Even though it wasn't said,
3 words had always passed my head

You've always heard it, and know what it means
Such a small sentence can mend all the seams
Coming from your lips, it shines in the dark
From anybody else, there's not much of a mark

It's always you that brightens up my day
Taking any and all of my problems away
Thinking of you always gives me inspiration
Not only that, but also a soothing sensation

Whenever I find myself staring into space
I always see your sweet and calming face
It's always you that enters my thoughts
Through all the obstacles, for you I have fought

Even though I might be inspired
There have been times, my joy had expired
The same goes for you, when the feelings just pause
And I regret the days when I had been the cause

I'm sorry for the days when I had made you mad
And all the times, when I ignored that you were sad
For all of the times when I was insensitive,
Forgive me for the lies I had made you believe

Sometimes I wonder why I always beg for forgiveness
An obvious answer is you give me happiness
But it wasn't everyday that you gave me a jolt
The day had come when you told me to halt

You said that Cupid had the wrong shot
That it's wrong for me to miss you a lot
I asked the reason for your denial
You said that I would go through so many trials

You didn't want me to be so utterly damaged
Because you loved someone else and thought I couldn't manage
I said 'So what? ' even though I was battered
I love you and it's all that had mattered

The words stopped coming from your mouth
And then I just wondered out aloud
Was there a wrong word or possibly a verse?
You then said that my words made you curse

But the curse was not from a red, burning face
But rather from the sweetness of that one little phrase
I was left speechless from the emotion you made
And left hoping that this feeling would never fade

That this sensation would stay in your heart
And would never, ever part
If you feel it for me, I feel it for you
Whatever you feel, I feel it too

I hope that all my efforts will not be in vain
That my soul shall not be engulfed in pain
The feelings I have will not be in a chain
And the heart I possess, thou shalt not be slain

You might not know how much you mean to me
But I hope that with some time, you will see
The women in this world are as plentiful as rice
But you're always the one when seen through my eyes

*Extra Stanza*

15 stanzas, different words each
But all of them have just one meaning to teach
Few people can say it, with truth and with love
Hidden to the liars, the beautiful white dove
I sent it with a letter, bathed in a hue
The message it carries? It's 'I Love You! '

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