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Mum you were everything that I could wish for or see
You were always there with me
I cry to tears in all that I do
Life is so hard without you

Tell me how to stop this pain
It hurts so bad it's driving me insane
I feel lost, I don't know where to go
Everything is tumbling down and my heart stops to flow

The world seems like one big dream
If only I could wake up from this nightmare and scream
To take all my happiness aside
Living with this pain, there so many tears I've cried

Eternal love one more to say
A candle lit for you to pray
Eternal love to follow you and find
Something is not far behind

I'm cold and lost in the dark
I'm in a big open park
As I walk I wonder of where to go
This is a place I don't know

In the field there lies the yellow budded flower
All in a row full of colour and light
The representation of all the many brave fighters
Who now shine above and beyond the stars tonight

Remember to say thankyou and please
Remember to get a tissue when you sneeze
Remember to keep your room tidy and clean
Remember the exciting places you have been

I wish you could be here to wipe my tears
To help me through all my troubled fears
I wish you were here to watch me grow
And make you proud is all I ever wanted to show

Hurting inside beyond my fears
I just wish I could hold back all my tears
Your gone, and you took everything
with you

Thou I've been feeling at my weakest pont
I need to find a way for my head to anoint

Remembering how I used to be

Our minds will receive
To our instincts we should believe
Your imagination defines your core
Life is full discovery, ready for you to explore

The summer went past
The days are going really fast
This is the time of year when the leaves fall
There's so many on the ground you can't count them all

No matter how much I try
Always falls to pieces and I question why
My hope and ambition of achieving great things
Is that sense of failure I feel all my life brings

Scatter thy love in tender care
Is the people that stand by you will always be there
For when you need a soothing voice
To help you make a hard and troublesome choice

If only you knew the truth whats really on my mind
All the pain and emptiness you left behind
There's nothing I can do to make it right
It just seems that there's no hope to fight

Beyond my tears
Holds my inner thoughts
Of unwanted pain.

Your presence lingers around my head
No way of letting go of this pain I shed
I've come to the point were I'm lost, I don't know where to go
I'm trying to be happy but what I feel inside is a complete different show

Throughout the darkness🌒

Beyond the darkest paths I will fear not
As the light will guide me through what's lurking in my thought


The pitter patter of the rain
As it falls its hitting of the window pane
Particles of the cold wet drops
The clouds goes grey over the housetops

Sometimes you wish for my things
For what life offers and brings
Wishing upon a dream
In all that you hold on to extreme

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Mum - I Miss You

Mum you were everything that I could wish for or see
You were always there with me
I cry to tears in all that I do
Life is so hard without you
I love you in my heart so deep
Knowing all those memories that I'll keep
You were strong to keep on going
The love for my Mum keeps on flowing
My Mum was an outstanding Mum in all that I'll say
I miss my Mum everyday
My Mum was the stars in my eyes
My Mum is up in heaven above the skies
Time without my Mum won't heal the missing part
But I know my Mum will always be in a special place, my heart
My Mum was a fighter throughout being so ill
I'll never let go as the love will always fill
Nothing will change what I feel because time apart goes wide
My heart has a picture by my side
May the Lord keep her safe in heaven everyday
My mum is my guardian angel guiding my way
I'll never forget my Mum as I say goodbye
As tears hit my eye
I just want my Mum to come back again
Without my Mum, my heart is bleeding in pain
My Mum always was so caring to everyone, she had a heart of gold
She had such a loving heart in that I hold
The pain was agony which was hard to see
My Mum is in no more pain but she is always beside me
I will always remember her laugh, her cry, her goodness and the way she always tried her best
My Mum is sleeping peacefully now she's at rest
Time without her feels like my heart is shrinking into a thousand pieces and I can't seem to put it back together
One day we will meet again in heaven and live forever
I'll blow my Mum a kiss and say goodbye
I'll never forget my Mum, as I gaze up to the brightest star in the sky

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Kirby Wright 02 December 2021

have you published in literary reviews? if so, can you recommend a few? thanks!

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Shaun 23 July 2018

Loved reading these

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Life is far too short to waste. Live each breath, live each hour, live each moment.

Nothing is impossible to do if you put your mind to it.

Let your imagination run freely, go on whatever journey you desire.

Journey through life is a path of walking in the right direction. But wherever we go there is always a setback. 'Its never too late to get back on the right path and carry on were you left off.

Waking up everyday is a brand new adventure....

I will write until not a single word remains in my soul...until every story in my heart has been told...until my minds well if ideas is bone dry...and even then I will write on because writing is not just something I do, But part of who I am.

I am an artist... Driven by passion Seized by obsession Delighted by creation Entrailed with expression Entraced by vision Diverted by daydreams Filled with emotion Fuiled by compulsion Consumed by beauty and blindsighted by Inspiration Welcome to my mind.

We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancer's, we create the dreams. ---Albert Einstein

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