Be my apostrophe before S
I'll second that motion
The possession beyond space and time
When the nude love swims in our notion


We don't listen to them shouting for aid
Though for our life we're so afraid

The swollen rivers their home flood

Your rosy cheeks
The scent of kindness seeks
Its own level
I smell and revel

An island of peace
An island of sanity
An island of calm
An island of manatee

Of his toes
Winter stands on the tips
Grazing the treetops
He reads a letter and

Large shadows loomed
On my heart
I was unable
To dispel the gloom

Fell asleep
Without lullaby and tale
Rested in peace

We are out of our range
Of vision
In search of inspiration for our decision

I'm tired
How much I should cry
How much my heart
Should host the bye

Wild flowers
No care
No water
We are oppressed

A silence
Pregnant with suspense
Peeping through your eyes
My mind

His pocket is empty
His heart
At the full
Not too intelligent

I wish you enough sun to keep you bright
No matter how dark is your night

I wish you enough rain to fall you in love

I suffer from the worldliness
I suffer in silence
A loss of identity

I say hi to everybody
When I start to depart!
It is when my sunflower
Kindly Tears me apart

Thoughtful, thoughtless seed,
Listen to the present

Autumn leaves on the ground
My mind is in leaf

Everywhere white snow

A sky luminous with stars
The trees dancing
The breeze
Cooled by the lake

When the island of our eyes
Soaks in the rain
Take my hands friend
Purify my heart

A snowy Christmas night
The December wind blows
I fight my way homeward
Through the deep snow close


'Million years ago At the break of dawn Joyful tears of angels On the lawn Echoed with dawn chorus Where there was nothing Except love I was born' P.N.)


Ardent Love

Be my apostrophe before S
I'll second that motion
The possession beyond space and time
When the nude love swims in our notion

Give me a glass of wine darling
A glass of love potion
No I need more ecstasy
A dropp of your eyes' ocean



Sandra Fowler 09 March 2009

I appreciate the world class lyrics of Persian Nightingale. His music is universally bright, his stanzas living proof that brevity is beautiful. Warmest regards, Sandra Fowler

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Ewigi Liebe 25 January 2008

He wrote a very short and very meaningful poem...showing all his love and care...really a very unique. and I love reading his work.

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M M 12 April 2008

As his pen name, which is already a promise, each poem of this Persian Nightingale is a wonderful history of thought and words playing together, to give the reader his/her human story. Story of love, of life, of wisdom.

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... ... 13 April 2008

He's the poet everyone must adore and admire.

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Lynda Robson 02 June 2008

A poet who weaves his magic in his verse, always good to read his lovely words, Persian Nightingale sings!

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Mbj Pancras 20 February 2015

Dear poet I like the line'joyful tears of angels., ..'

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Star Girl 18 July 2014

your poem i wish you enough was so touching almost like i was reliving my first love, it was like i was in the moment and feeling the feelings all over again, amasing.

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Muhammad Javed Zeshan 20 November 2013

really romantic just like your name keep on imagination!

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April Rose Sta Cruz 27 July 2009

i love all of ur works i will give it all 10

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A talented poet who uses imagery to enchant the reader. He has a vast expanse of subjects and a store house of knowledge with which to work from. Karin Anderson

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To be everything be nothing



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