Life Unexpected Poem by Karin Elizabeth Martin

Life Unexpected

Rating: 5.0

Hi God, It's me Karin,
Thank you for the birds I hear,
singing your praises outside my cracked window...
Thank you for my health, however fragile
my wellbeing, however humble...
Thank you for the pets that lay at my feet,
they seem to be smiling, but...
I think it may just be they want another treat...
Thank you for the cat, that lays in my bed,
at night, when I am lonely and sleepless,
shrouding my head...
Thank you for my mother, old, wise and strong
and thank you for my children who,
you've kept watch all along...
Thank you for the roof, that keeps me safe and warm,
There are many others, weathering this same or more difficult storm...
Thank you for my grand daughters, who light up my whole world,
and thank you for the stories and memories that continue to unfold...
As I give praise and thanks to you I do but one thing ask,
You give me strenght and courage,
to rise above my past...
NO... Don't let me forget the memories,
or moments that took my breath,
or even those that made me cry, and hide beside my bed,
Instead dear GOD, let me know,
that those lonely footsteps in the sand,
we hear about and cry about are really your command...
Carry me or drag me,
through these heartless times,
For tomorrow is someday, that today will never find

Mohammad Akmal Nazir 01 May 2011

Nice poem having great sentiments. Beautifully written Loved to read. Thanks for sharing..... Please read my new poems on page 1&2.

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