Light And Darkness Poem by (TPAC) Alexander Coppedge

Light And Darkness

Rating: 4.5

Brothers before an earth creation origin forming it, start of homes of souls thought to sin, begin the tale proclaiming it others living under dark a to life.

Opinions of higher light water state a suggestion, say by a vanity delusion greatest sight, reflecting whole life it this blessing of the up folks it's alright.

The dark holds a secret it's covering it unknowns, post blind views all lies it declaring a belief a yes, by sides recalled a host of a truth find lost proofs.

Light known high it's all about real things is seen, uncertainty of fully dark it stings opposite reason, rings words its trail told axed a fake fact in reality.

Deceivers a final sale to seal the darkness matter, creates a woe tale state no vision it is hell's story, stated is others in living here below Pure Ale light.

A new dark appearing it said obvious statements, sound hark an opinion a first contact said by God, proves host existence a remark not stated theory.

Dark mound it's formed a reality seen a liar name, theorized it's a pit round hole endless, sound this despair out of the frights it of a dead entitled deep.

Lad's hands to reveal it bottomless it is not right, in this dark bright spots about it beams sparkling, equaling it the darkness there is a light in pit dark.

Everlasting waters, that's an act of endurance held times inside the dwelling, known eternal a ground and its sky that's for man origin a Day and Night.
Dr Antony Theodore 21 June 2017

fates in aims, claim of aliens in darkness. dark depth held opposite serenity that real. they deposited to mystery despairing waste land to park the dead as deep beams of light. These are the points i collected from your poem after reading it carefully. Thank you very much for your poem. A very good poem and great imagination. thank u for sharing tony

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Dr Antony Theodore 04 June 2017

Youth wave upon darkness expose right, doubts of deep beams of light told all, that's hid in pit equal that might....light and darkness, evil and goodness, God and the devil a perennial theme in literature, in theology, in philosophy. you have written well dear poet. tony

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Howard Savage 16 September 2016

Great poem with profound metaphors and fortified emotions, of the true reality of life.

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Howard Savage 10 September 2016

Great poem concerning reality and the diversity of right and wrong.

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(TPAC)  Alexander Coppedge

(TPAC) Alexander Coppedge

Warrenton, North Carolina
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