(brief renderings) Joe Fazio

Lights Of Life... - Poem by (brief renderings) Joe Fazio

February 2007

At a certain stage in ones life, it
matters not how educated, or wealthy,
or how wise one might perceive themselves,
there are far more questions
than answers.

Have you ever done something you knew you should
not have done? You betcha! We all have.
How would you like to not do that again?
Okay, here's my little secret.

There are times when I am prompted to
do something-I think, maybe I shouldn't.
Well, like many others, I do it. Then..
it turns out badly and I say,

'I knew I should not have done that! '

What just happened here is, I ignored my
inner voice. The one that said...'Hey...
chill. Don't do that.'

We all have that inner voice. If it is
telling you 'no' don't do it!

You see, life is a series of yellow, red
and green lights. Life is easy. When you
about to do something, and you don't feel
THAT RED LIGHT! Sure, sometime you get
away with it, however, most of the time,
you don't. Remember, when the inner voice
is saying 'no' that's a RED LIGHT. STOP!

Now when the inner voice, is saying,
'lets go easy here', that's a YELLOW

Now, the inner voice is saying,
'No problem.' Green light. So you
zip right through, and get hit by
someone going through that red light
we talked about!

You just learned a valuable lesson.
Most of the time, your inner voice
will be right. However, our inner
voice, being only human...can sometime
be wrong.

For me, I listen to my inner voice. If
it tells be to stop-I STOP!

Will right about now, my inner voice
is telling me, it's time for a sip
of wine and a little relaxation.
I'm going to do exactly that.

Until next time...

© Joe Fazio

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