Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf Poem by Roald Dahl

Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf

Rating: 3.2

As soon as Wolf began to feel
That he would like a decent meal,
He went and knocked on Grandma's door.
When Grandma opened it, she saw
The sharp white teeth, the horrid grin,
And Wolfie said, 'May I come in?'
Poor Grandmamma was terrified,
'He's going to eat me up!' she cried.
And she was absolutely right.
He ate her up in one big bite.
But Grandmamma was small and tough,
And Wolfie wailed, 'That's not enough!
I haven't yet begun to feel
That I have had a decent meal!'
He ran around the kitchen yelping,
'I've got to have a second helping!'

Then added with a frightful leer,
'I'm therefore going to wait right here
Till Little Miss Red Riding Hood
Comes home from walking in the wood.'

He quickly put on Grandma's clothes,
(Of course he hadn't eaten those).
He dressed himself in coat and hat.
He put on shoes, and after that,
He even brushed and curled his hair,
Then sat himself in Grandma's chair.

In came the little girl in red.
She stopped. She stared. And then she said,
'What great big ears you have, Grandma.'
'All the better to hear you with,'
the Wolf replied.
'What great big eyes you have, Grandma.'
said Little Red Riding Hood.
'All the better to see you with,'
the Wolf replied.
He sat there watching her and smiled.
He thought, I'm going to eat this child.
Compared with her old Grandmamma,
She's going to taste like caviar.

Then Little Red Riding Hood said, '
But Grandma, what a lovely great big
furry coat you have on.'

'That's wrong!' cried Wolf.
'Have you forgot
To tell me what BIG TEETH I've got?
Ah well, no matter what you say,
I'm going to eat you anyway.'

The small girl smiles. One eyelid flickers.
She whips a pistol from her knickers.
She aims it at the creature's head,
And bang bang bang, she shoots him dead.

A few weeks later, in the wood,
I came across Miss Riding Hood.
But what a change! No cloak of red,
No silly hood upon her head.
She said, 'Hello, and do please note
My lovely furry wolfskin coat.'

R W 19 May 2010

This is a truly fantastic poem! I used to read this, and others from his 'revolting rhymes' and 'dirty beasts' books and thought they were great, i read them to my kids who love them because they're so different from the fairy tales they're usually told and so naughty! :)

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Meleah Mcmurray 16 December 2012

That is so convenient that she had a gun in her underwear, lol. But i might say, this is a very nice poem :)

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James Urwin 27 January 2013

Pure class...One of his best works IMO.

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Olga Curdova 29 November 2012

smart and light! ! ! Amazing! ! ! !

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Goldheart Bird 15 August 2013

Great poem! I luve Roald Dahl's poems

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I'm a gymnast 29 March 2022

I love poems so much and that is why i liked it so much

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I'm a gymnast 29 March 2022

This was truely a great poem

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I'm a gymnast 29 March 2022

I really love this poem it made me read it for like an hour i will be using thing poem to help me understand poems thank you so much

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Elementa 05 October 2021

Really great poem i loved it

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WTF 20 April 2021


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