Litany Of Money Poem by Hebert Logerie

Litany Of Money

"Thou shall not steal"
Is one of the Ten Commandments
The Almighty God has given us. If we need Peace
We must follow the first 5 Books of the 10 Commandments
Anybody, who steals or kidnaps, will go to hell
Stop, stop being criminal and cruel
Nobody steals by accident
Adam stole and sinned for Eve
Thieves are thieves
Remember Rachel who stole from Laban
We embezzle money
We were not born to be enslaved by money
We love money
We smile for money
We laugh for money
We lie for money
We hate for money
We love for money
We sell our country for money
We suffer for money
We kill our brothers and sisters for money
We hurt our families for money
We sacrifice ourselves for money
We sell the universe for money
We steal elections for money
We orchestrate coups d'état for money
We violate the constitution for money
We lose our pride for money
We backstab for money
We do bad deeds for money
We do all sorts of bad things for money
We use hypocrisy for money
We don't know what to do with money
We sell our children for money
We betray our friends for money
We even sell ourselves for money
We do everything for money
We die for money
We are going to hell for money
Money, money, dinero, money, money
We dream of money all the time
We play the numbers for money
We waste our lives for money
We lose our souls for money
I don't want to talk about money
Money, money, lajan, money, money
When we die, we don't leave with money
Everything is money, money, money
Dollar, moolah, gurd, gourde, geld, lira, franc, pyas, money
We must stop, stop, and quit loving money
We do a lot craps for money
Money, money, dinheiro, money, money
Money can make us corrupt, illegal and evil.

P.S. Translation of " Litani Pou Lajan" by Hébert Logerie

Copyright © June 2021, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved
Hébert Logerie is the author of several books of poetry.

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