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Little Black Box Called Television!

Rating: 3.1

I watch it
Morning, day and night
The plasma screens are quite a sight
Soap Operas, Reality Shows, Movies
I watch anything there is to see
But the little black box called Television
Gets on my nerves

Images of other people’s life it serves
As a daily dish to my vision

Even my own ideas about fashion
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Brian Jani 20 May 2014

A very well written poem sylvia

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Todd Delfs 08 March 2010

I am creating a short story about television and would like to you usee your poem as a center piece for it if that is okay with the writer? If i could get your email i would like to discuss it further. Todd Delfs

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Jimmy Wrangler 09 May 2007

Sylvia; You rock. I have broken the spell the idiot box had on me.I would encourage everyone to.

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Gina Onyemaechi 04 February 2006

Don't knock, telly, Sylvia. Being addicted to TV isn't as bad as...not even having a TV at all! ! ! (It's the bleeding licence thing - I won't sign up to it! Let the BBC just use commercial funding like everyone else! ! !) . Kind regards, Gina.

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