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Not Long Left 18 February 2006

Gina first come to my attention through the fantastic comments she left under my poems. I then started reading her poems, they were good, and that was that..... However I have taken time to go through her poems old and new again, and have seen them in a different light. Her short poems are like little diamonds. Her longer more gritty poems are as real as the sun, sea, and sky. and her humerous poems like that of a stand up comedian. Gina is firsty a great, growing talent. and should be respected for that first, secondly she is an obvious avid reader of poetry, and has the heart and passion to leave her comments of inspiration and joy across the sight. I look forward to reading more and more of her work. Vincent.

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Max Reif 21 February 2006

I just had occasion to read almost ALL of Gina's poems above (as of 2/06) , and I enjoyed/appreciated them immensely. Gina is one poet who writes in rhyme to excellent, and often comic, effect. Her language is occasionally 'earthy', refreshingly so, to me, because it is so natural, and I realize I MISS such natural language, which is explicitly omitted from many people's verse (including my own) . Gina's short musings often express thoughtful paradoxes in economical language. All in all, this is a poet with humor depth, and a warm, all-inclusive view of life. I wrote under one poem that GIna excels so much at rhymed poems, that I selfishly would love to see LOTS more free verse from her, as it boggles my mind, what dizzying height and breadth she could reach in that expansive realm! But as I also wrote, that would have to be a natural exploration, coming from her (her poem about the two differently-treated sisters, I think, uses free verse very well, as do some of her shorter efforts) . Almost anything she writes is a satisfying treat.

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Michael Shepherd 21 May 2006

Gina, I agree with everything that's said so eloquently about you here. You are a delight and a breath-take to read, and a huge talent, and I'm just proud to be on your 'also read' list...

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Anna Russell 26 April 2006

Gina was the first person to comment on my ramblings when I came to PH and her encouragment has continued to mean the world to me. Her writing is witty, ballsy, poignant and honest and her spirit shines out of every line. Why she isn't world famous is a mystery to me - each poem is a masterclass for the rest of us. Here's to you angel Gina! Hugs Anna xxx

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Karen A. 20 March 2006

Your writing is so amazingly expressive- everytime I read one of your works, I find myself being able to visualize everything that is there before me. Looking forward to reading them all.

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Daniel Tyler 06 March 2006

This poet is very gifted indeed. She has a warm, resonant style of writing and is adept at both light and more serious verse, with excellent observation of human nature. Her poems are very real, never losing themselves in poetical pretension but instead revealing her to be a witty and genuine character. Keep writing, Gina.

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ABSOLUTELY agreed with all positive comments. A rare gem indeed and am similarly selfishly grateful to have come across Gina's finely crafted works on the site.

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Gina Onyemaechi Popularity

"Frost To-Night"

Apple-green west and an orange bar,
And the crystal eye of a lone, one star . . .
And, "Child, take the shears and cut what you will,
Frost to-night -- so clear and dead-still."

Then, I sally forth, half sad, half proud,
And I come to the velvet, imperial crowd,
The wine-red, the gold, the crimson, the pied, --
The dahlias that reign by the garden-side.

The dahlias I might not touch till to-night!
A gleam of the shears in the fading light,
And I gathered them all, -- the splendid throng,
And in one great sheaf I bore them along.

. . . . .

In my garden of Life with its all-late flowers
I heed a Voice in the shrinking hours:
"Frost to-night -- so clear and dead-still" . . .
Half sad, half proud, my arms I fill.

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