Little Sparrow Poem by Grace Burke

Little Sparrow

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I saw a little sparrow spread it's wings and try to fly
It's wing was bent, it couldn't seem to lift up in the sky
The world was full of danger for this tiny little soul
And on and on it fought for life, it was so very bold.

I could not stand and watch as it struggled to survive
I knew that if I didn't help that it would surely die
But creatures of the nature wild are leery of mankind
So how was I to help this bird, this little friend of mine.

I gently reached and caught it, held it close against my chest
I tried to calm it's edginess, I tried to make it rest
My love for all Gods creatures I conveyed within my touch
I prayed for faith, I prayed for hope, I prayed it was enough.

I nursed that little creature, held it close and kept it warm
I nurtured it, I kept it safe from wind and rain and storm
I saw my little sparrow sense the love I had in me
But I knew within the heart of me I'd have to set it free.

My little feathered friend soon was hearty, hale and sound
The day had come, he was healed, so I sat him on the ground
I saw my little sparrow spread it's wings and it could fly
I saw it rise, I saw it soar into the morning sky.

Goodbye My Little Friend

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: letting go

A beautiful act of kindness in this captivating poem!

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Grace Burke

Grace Burke

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