..Live Well And Long (Love Poem) Poem by Charles Wiles (Best Love Poems)

..Live Well And Long (Love Poem)

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When you are standing by my grave
Don't ask the children to behave,
Let them run free and shout out loud,
The living joy of which I'm proud.

When I am lying six feet deep
Don't sadly hang your head and weep,
But let my final epitaph
Be tales of life that make you laugh.

When you are talking at my wake
Don't chat politely eating cake,
Instead buy champagne by the crate
Link arms with friends, dance, celebrate!

When people stop and say 'too bad'
Don't reminisce and then feel sad,
But raise your glass up high and toast
The joys of life you love the most.

When all are shaking hands at last
Don't hold a grudge from years long past,
But face each other, then embrace,
Forgive, let love spread from this place.

And finally, when on your own,
Don't think that you are all alone,
But sing out loud so I can hear
And wipe away that foolish tear.

For I lived well
And I lived long
And none shall soon forget my song,
And all I wish,
From high above,
Is you live well and long, my love.

Gaivota Gaivota 12 September 2009

Sooooooooo nice! ! ! Love and happyness in life and death! ! Nothing more can be asked for...

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Harlan Simantel 25 November 2007

I like this poem very much. Very well written, uplifting, and easily understood.

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